Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set Winter 2014

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The Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot contains all of Benefits Famous 'Box o' Powders' in one beautifully decorative tin. This is a great gift set for anyone wanting to try out the Benefit Powders but don't want to purchase them individually with their hefty price tag and end up not liking them. Also included in the tin is a small brush for applying your powders and a sample of the Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter. You can read my review with swatches of the Watts Up! Highlighter here.

The October 2014 Birch Box

This month the Birch Box theme is 'Work it' so the items selected are those to help you through your daily work routine. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month so Birch Box have partnered with CoppaFeel to provide you with a checklist to help you identify the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. This can be found in the enclosed booklet along with information on the products provided and a few tips and tricks on how to use them. The items that I received in this months Birch Box are as follows:

Bare Minerals Bareskin Foundation

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As you may be aware if you have read my previous post regarding the launch of this product or my monthly favourites video I am a big fan of the Bare Minerals original mineral foundation. I love how light Bare Minerals products are on the skin and bought the liquid foundation with high hopes that it would be light and airy similar to their other products. Boy oh boy Bare Minerals did not disappoint!

The Fab Pore Face Mask by Soap and Glory

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Ah Friday... After a long week at the office all I want to do is come home and relax. My skin has been a complete nightmare recently and my usual skincare beauties have failed me. I don't know what is going on but my skin has just been crazy oily and nothing I have used so far is helping. So after reading a review on The Fab Pore I decided to pop into Boots on my way home and treat myself.

Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter

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Firstly can I just say... would you look at that packaging?! Wow.

Everything about this highlighter is truly stunning, from its  metallic light bulb themed packaging to the genius name and the beautiful cream based highlighter inside.

The colour of this highlighter is just AMAZING and it blends wonderfully. It has a beautiful golden bronze sheen yet its so wearable even on light skin tones such as my own.

Autumn Wishlist ft. MAC, Pandora, Cath Kidston

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Oh my gosh! I'm actually really looking forward to wearing some autumn colours and I have seen quite a lot of things that I would love love love to have for my autumn/winter collection! 

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in R.S.V.P

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I have been known to struggle with eye shadows falling into my crease throughout the day, some sooner than others and so I decided to try out the Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow. I've also been really into cream based products lately, in particular cream blushes, so a cream eyeshadow really appealed to me.

June 2014 Birch Box Review - My first one!

So I finally signed up to Birch Box. I'd looked at a few of the different Beauty boxes available and just couldn't make my mind up which one to sign up to. Then I heard the news... the beauty blender was available in the June Birch Box! Well hello Birch Box!

My Obsession with Pandora Jewellery!

I absolutely LOVE Pandora Jewellery!

Now don't get me wrong I haven't always been on the Pandora band-wagon. In fact I think the first thing I ever said about Pandora was "It's only silver, why is it so expensive?". This is back in the day when I'd simply walk past a window to give it a short glance without stopping.

My First MAC Lipstick - Herione

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WOW... For starters, what a fantastic colour. I've never seen such an amazing purple lipstick colour before. In fact I'd never even tried a purple lipstick before. IN FACT, if I'm completely honest, I had no interest in buying Lipstick's until I tried this.

New Bare Minerals Foundation Formula?

So yesterday I received an email from Bare Minerals consisting of nothing but this image. Excited much? I already own the Bare Minerals original SPF 15 powder foundation and I absolutely love it. It's part of my daily make-up routine for work. I'm intrigued to find out what the new formula is for this foundation. 

SUMMER MUST HAVE - Nails Inc Floral Polish

Ok so... FLORAL NAIL POLISH... HELLO!? That's where it's at!
In  April this year Nails Inc. released a limited edition set of 5 floral nail polishes called 'Nails in Bloom'.

A short Introduction...

So I've finally created my blog!

I have always wanted to write a blog but I was never sure what I would blog about.

I just wanted to give you a little background information to help you understand what brought me to this moment. I may go off course a little but bare with me as it will all make sense in the end...

In September 2006 I created my Youtube account, Daniirella, where I proceeded to upload video's of myself playing the piano as I wanted some honest feedback. My last piano video was uploaded in 2009 and from then until May 2014 I only used Youtube to watch other people's content.

Over the last few years I have really started to get into Beauty & Skincare products, so a couple of years back I began watching beauty videos and subsequently some vlogs on Youtube. I loved to watch other people's reviews of products and I always enjoy reading the comments section on just about every video and article relating to anything that interests me.

As well as beauty I am also into all things gadgets and gaming and so me and my boyfriend would also watch gaming video's on Youtube together. I think it was just before Christmas that we were watching some gaming videos and I said to him "You should do that".

He thought about it for a while and decided he wouldn't mind trying it. At this point in our lives we were getting pretty bored with most things and I for one did not feel motivated in any aspect of my life.

So my boyfriend Andrew started his gaming channel and after a few months of watching his progress I was doing my usual routine of watching some beauty videos in bed before I went to sleep and it suddenly dawned on me... hang on a minute, I can do this too!

So at the end of May I finally uploaded my first video to Youtube which was a monthly favourites video. I'm not really used to having a camera in my face under any circumstances and so as you can imagine I messed up what I was trying to say... A LOT.

So needless to say it gave me plenty of chance to practice my editing skills and I also had enough footage for my second video... THE BLOOPERS!

Anyway, it was around the time I started to record for my Youtube channel that I was doing a little more research on beauty vlogging and I discovered most of the Youtube beauty vloggers also had beauty blogs.

I followed a link to Blog Lovin' from someones blog, signed up and started following all my favourite vloggers plus some new bloggers I'd not heard of before. I've been reading my blogs everyday as well as watching video's and I am thoroughly entertained.

I hope to provide some sort of advice and entertainment to other people like myself and that's all I can hope for.

So now for the first time in a very long time I find myself motivated to do something. I find myself feeling excited and looking forward to filming and blogging. I can't wait to see how I can contribute to the world of Beauty and to the lives of my readers and viewers.

Feel free to follow me on my journey by following my blog or subscribing to my Youtube channel.

Bye for now,

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