IKEA Low Maintenance Plant / Greenery Haul

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I've never really been one to have plants around the house other than the odd bunch of flowers that have been bought as a gift and i'd never really considered buying house plants as I just didn't think I would remember to water them often enough to keep them alive. HOWEVER, me and my boyfriend have been redecorating the living room and bedroom this year and bought some new furniture to revamp the place and whilst in IKEA, we ended up picking up quite a bit of greenery.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Translucent Powder

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Soap and glory's One Heck of a Blot powder is one of my most used makeup items and is definitely my makeup must have for oily skin.

I'm one of those people that normally never finishes a product because I move onto something else before I have chance. I almost completely finished my first full pan of powder but then I dropped it and what was left around the edges shattered into pieces. I was so impressed that I'd practically finished this product though. As soon as I smashed it I went to boots to pick up another one.

Beauty Favourites March 2015


Here are my Beauty favourites for the month of March. There are some basic products included such as foundation and concealer but I have particularly enjoyed the below eyeshadow combination this month and the Benefit Roller Lash!

Top 5 TV to watch on Netflix


Ok, so I absolutely LOVE finding a good TV programme to watch. I get so involved with the story, I get attached to the characters and if anything happens to one I like, I cry buckets!! For me it's like, watching a super long film that lasts hours and hours because nobody wants it to end! That's the one thing that disappoints me with films, sometimes you're just left wanting more and there is no more! So here are my top 5 recommendations of programs to watch that are currently available on Netflix.