My Obsession with Pandora Jewellery!

I absolutely LOVE Pandora Jewellery!

Now don't get me wrong I haven't always been on the Pandora band-wagon. In fact I think the first thing I ever said about Pandora was "It's only silver, why is it so expensive?". This is back in the day when I'd simply walk past a window to give it a short glance without stopping.

I'd heard the name Pandora so many times but had never really been bothered to find out about it.
That all changed when I started noticing some of my colleagues at work wearing the charm bracelets. They suddenly caught my eye and so I went home and looked up Pandora on the internet. I started looking at all of the charms and really liked the look of some of the more detailed pieces. It was around November/December time that I started to browse through their huge collection of charms and I fell in love with the Santa Clause, Pine Cone & Santa's Sleigh. I just thought they were so unbelievably detailed for the size and I liked how the charms are made in a bead style so that they hug the bracelet and still look elegant rather than the traditional charm bracelet where all of the charms would be hanging from the bracelet, clanging around & catching on everything you went near.

Pandora's main charm line is called the moments collection and the main selling point they use for their charm line is that each charm may mean something different to each person and you choose the charms that mean something special to you or that remind you of something or to mark a special occasion. Its like having a bracelet of memories.

I think this is a nice idea but I look at Pandora in a slightly different way. Being the bargain hunting shopaholic that I am, when I look at Pandora I see a set of Jewellery that can be collected, swapped around & worn in multiple different ways. I like the flexibility of Pandora. If I own 10 charms I can make so many different styles of bracelet, necklace or earring just by swapping and changing the charms. I loved the Idea of having something that I could wear as any of the three! I personally think that this would also be a great marketing idea for Pandora and would definitely appeal to those who love collecting things or are just very practical.

So I am basically a Pandora collector now! If I go into a Pandora shop with a full bracelet the staff always say "I don't think you can fit any more on there". Well that's fine... because I don't intend to, I plan on swapping my charms whenever I want a different look or style or if I'm just bored of the charms I'm currently wearing.

Not only that, but It's so fun to sit there with my Pandora Jewellery box and just play around with the different charms and colours to see what I can create next! Every time I change the charms on my bracelet I take a picture just so I can remember exactly how I had it in case I ever want to wear it like that again.

The Pandora charms were just the beginning for me! I have already extended my collection into their range of Rings, Necklaces, Pendants & Earrings! I can't get enough of it and it has definitely re-lit my flame for Jewellery!

All I can say is this won't be the last time you hear me raving about Pandora.

Are you a Pandora Addict like me? Let me know what your favourite pieces are!


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