Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter

benefit, beauty, makeup, highlight, review
Firstly can I just say... would you look at that packaging?! Wow.

Everything about this highlighter is truly stunning, from its  metallic light bulb themed packaging to the genius name and the beautiful cream based highlighter inside.

The colour of this highlighter is just AMAZING and it blends wonderfully. It has a beautiful golden bronze sheen yet its so wearable even on light skin tones such as my own.
Benefit, beauty, makeup, highlight, review,
At one end of the product is the highlighter stick which you can just twist up to get more product and apply directly to the skin. On the opposite end you'll find a small sponge under the lid for blending out your highlight. I can see how this could eventually become unhygienic but to start with or just for a handy travel makeup kit this is perfect. 

Depending on my mood I either use the provided sponge or just my fingers. It's really down to personal preference whether you use the sponge and its certainly not a necessity as I don't think it's possible for this highlight to look bad!
benefit, beauty, makeup, swatch, highlight, review,

This was one of my first highlighters and so far my favourite for the tops of my cheeks. If you want to try this before you buy it just pop down to a Benefit stall (you can usually find one in Debenhams if you're struggling).

I love the creamy texture of this highlighter and everything else about it! It's great for those summer months and will also complement any tan beautifully!


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