Rosie for Autograph Makeup Review & Swatches

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I picked up a few pieces from the Rosie for Autograph Makeup Collection which has been created by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and can be purchased from Marks and Spencer. If I'm completely honest the main thing that drew me to this collection was the rose gold packaging which I am obsessed with! It was also aimed at those that prefer a more natural makeup look as Rosie believes you should use makeup to highlight and accentuate the parts of your face that you like and not to cover up what you don't like. Anyway carry on reading to find out what I thought of each piece and see the swatches.

Cream Blusher in shade Romantic Flush.

As you can see I picked the most vibrant shade in the cream blush called Romantic Flush. You only need to use a very small amount of this as its highly pigmented and blends out to give a lovely pink flush on the cheeks. You can see this in the swatches below. This works better when used over a liquid foundation. I really struggle to blend this over my Bare Minerals Powder foundation that I like to use for an natural look.

review, swatches, lipstick, makeup, blusher, highlighter, cream, eyeshadow

Lady Rose & Silk Rose Lipsticks

I love the magnetic rose gold packaging and design of the lipstick bullets. From everything to the little rose design on the bullet to the satisfying click of the lid being pulled on by the magnet, there is something so luxurious about it and it really makes it feel special. The two shades I chose are beautiful, Lady Rose being a more pinky tone having been made to mimic Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys natural lip colour and Silk Rose having a more brown undertone but still a great natural looking lipstick shade. The formula is very creamy and it applies to the lips very smoothly. I find it's not at all drying and in fact quite moisturising. It lasts a good couple of hours between having to top up so long as you're not eating and drinking a lot. Overall the lipsticks are just a pleasure to use and display.

review, swatches, lipstick, makeup, blusher, highlighter, cream, eyeshadow

The Cream Highlighter

I really liked the cream consistency and look the cream highlighter gave. I found it very subtle and natural and it was lovely and soft for blending. Unfortunately on my second use of this the entirety of the product fell out when I removed the lid which kind of sucks. I tried to remove the carpet fluff from it and put it back in so it's still usable but I was slightly disappointed that it was even able to come out of the packaging like that.

review, swatches, lipstick, makeup, blusher, highlighter, cream, eyeshadow

Cream Eyeshadow in shade Almond Eyes

I think this is the product I was most disappointed with. On first impressions the eyeshadow stick was creamy, highly pigmented, and from swatching it on my arm, long lasting! I had to scrub to get this eyeshadow off of my arm after it had dried.

HOWEVER, when it came to using the shadow on my eyelids, I found that in order for it to not immediately move into my crease, I had to keep my eye shut whilst it dried. I thought I'd cracked it and that it wouldn't budge once dry but for some reason this eyeshadow did not want to stay put once on my lids. Within half an hour it had moved back into the crease.

I will say that I did not use a primer with this, but I have also used the KIKO cream eyeshadow sticks without a primer and not had this issue, so for me this was a no go for eyeshadow.


Below are swatches of the makeup. From left to right: Cream Blusher (blended), Cream Highlighter, Cream Eyeshadow stick in shade , Lipstick in shade Lady Rose & finally Lipstick in shade Silk Rose. Although the lipsticks look very similar, you can see that Silk Rose has a slightly more brown undertone to it whereas Lady Rose is more of a pink tone.

review, swatches, lipstick, makeup, blusher, highlighter, cream, eyeshadow

You can purchase pieces from this collection in store at Marks and Spencer or on their website HERE.

Have you purchased any of the Rosie for Autograph makeup collection? Let me know what you bought in the comments, I'd love to hear your opinions!


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