Reflecting on New Years Resolutions over 2018

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At the start of the year I made some new years resolutions. Unlike every other year I felt motivated, I meant it. I wasn't just making resolutions for the sake of it, I was setting my goals for the year.

My resolutions for this year were set as follows:

Lose weight - The obvious one, the annual promise that always falls flat.

Be more zen - Just to be more calm, react less to bad people and situations and try not to let things bother me as much.

Read more books - I spend my entire life practically looking at a screen. This year I want to reduce my screen time and make time to read a book.

Get up to date on my scrapbook - I have continued to collect photos, tickets, cards etc but now have 6 years worth of keepsakes just waiting to be scrapbooked.

Progress On My Resolutions

Weight loss - I started out just using My Fitness Pal to track my calories during January. At the start of February my mum leant me a book, Lisa Riley's Honesty Diet. My Parents had been following her diet plan and recipes and had already caught me up on amount lost in the a couple of weeks. I decided to try the diet and managed to lose a stone and a half by May when I was bridesmaid at my brothers wedding.

Doing this diet forced me to try some foods that I thought I didn't like and I have since discovered that I do like them! I now eat Broccoli, Courgette, Carrot & Celery (in soups), all veg I used to avoid. I also realised how badly my body was reacting to what I was eating and this has helped me narrow down some foods I may have an intolerance to. Since May I have put half a stone back on so I seriously need to get my diet back under control.

Be More Zen - Unfortunately this one is where I fell down. I just CANNOT switch off my emotions no matter how hard I try. I am an extremely caring person, so much so that it's unhealthy. The smallest of things bother me and I just can't seem to get this under control. I would be so much happier in life if I could just switch off my feelings and not care about how cruel humans can be.

I would love to be ignorant and just be able to go about my day not caring about other peoples feelings but that's just not me. I'm stuffed really because there aren't many nice people about these days. Most people are two-faced, selfish and only out for themselves and it BOTHERS me. I understand that this is just the world we live in but it shouldn't have to be! How hard is it to just be nice to each other, really?

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Read more books - Success! So far this year I have read around 8 books. Obviously one of these was The Honesty Diet. I have purchased quite a few books that fall into the "self help" category, books about decluttering, maintaining a healthy mind and body, and saving money. I've also been on holiday a couple of times this year during which I took the time to chill out and read some fiction books. If anyone has any recommendations for a good self help or fiction please let me know in the comments box below.

Get up to date on my scrapbook - I have made SOME progress on this but not as much as I would have liked to. I still think there is plenty of time to achieve this but I struggle with motivation. Not because I don't want to do it but because I'm a bit of a perfectionist whenever I'm doing anything creative. If I am not feeling inspired or cannot decide how to lay out the page for a certain event I struggle to sit down and get on with it. My scrapbooks are very important to me as I have a rubbish memory and I love looking back at these. If I don't feel like I'm doing it justice I would rather not do it until I have the right frame of mind. I have learnt something from this experience though. Always date yours cards and keepsakes so you're not having to try figure out when they were from and print your photos shortly after events. This makes ordering your scrapbook keepsakes SO much easier.

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So overall I achieved some of my resolutions this year but not to the full level I wanted to intended to. I'm definitely going to set some new resolutions for 2019 and hope I can do even better next year.

What were your resolutions for 2018 and did you achieve what you wanted this year?


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