My First Lush Purchases & Experience

Lush, Experimenter, Comforter, Bubble Bar, Bath Bomb, Face Mask, Cupcake, Mask of Magnaminty, review

I made my first ever Lush purchase around November 2015 and below is what I decided to try out. A couple of the items I picked up such as the Cupcake and Mask of Magnaminty face masks were because I had read some reviews on blogs and really liked the sound of them. The Cupcake mask is now my all time favourite face mask from Lush. I have tried various masks and every time I keep coming back to the Cupcake mask, it's just SO GOOD! Here's a little more info about my purchases...


Mask of Magnaminty - This face mask is aimed at oily and acne prone skin and includes ingredients such as Honey, Kaolin & Peppermint Oil. It is refreshing and soothing on the skin and is great for calming down those nasty acne flare ups.

Cupcake Mask - Another mask that is great for oily and acne prone skin. Cupcake includes Fair-trade Vanilla Absolute and Rhassoul Mud along with fresh mint, peppermint & spearmint oil. This mask is great for drawing out dirt and impurities and leaves skin feeling refreshed.

Popcorn Lip Scrub - This is designed to remove any dead skin cells from your lips and keep them soft and smooth. If you're a heavy user of lipsticks especially drying products such as matte and liquid lipsticks you may want to pick up one of these to keep your lips in good condition.

The Experimenter Bath Bomb - This is a very sweet scented bath bomb featuring fair-trade vanilla and tonic absolute. Along with a glitter and a multitude of colour there's also a little popping candy. This bath bomb is anything but dull.

The Comforter Bubble Bar - A lush fan favourite, the Comforter throws a very berry inspired scent whilst providing bubbles a plenty. Simply crumble it under running water for a lovely pink bubble bath.

Lush, Experimenter, Comforter, Bubble Bar, Bath Bomb, Face Mask, Cupcake, Mask of Magnaminty, review


As soon as I got home from my shopping spree I immediately ran a bath so that I could try out The Experimenter. When I dropped this into the water it was like a rainbow exploding in my bathtub. After the bathbomb had settled it left the water a blue green colour with a shimmer of glitter. I could never understand why everyone was so obsessed with lush apart from it being cruelty free. After I had dried off I realised what all the fuss was about. Talk about smooooth. My skin felt sooo good and I smelt damn good too.

I also tried the cupcake facemask which left my face feeling refreshed and smooth. Cupcake is one of the Lush fresh face masks and is kept in the fridge so its cool and refreshing upon application and gives a lovely soothing sensation.

You can purchase all of the above from your local Lush store or on their website.

What are your favourite lush products and why? Let me know in the comments!


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