Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set Winter 2014

benefit,hoola,rockateur,coralista,bellabamba,watts up,dandelion,sugarbomb
The Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot contains all of Benefits Famous 'Box o' Powders' in one beautifully decorative tin. This is a great gift set for anyone wanting to try out the Benefit Powders but don't want to purchase them individually with their hefty price tag and end up not liking them. Also included in the tin is a small brush for applying your powders and a sample of the Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter. You can read my review with swatches of the Watts Up! Highlighter here.

benefit,hoola,rockateur,coralista,bellabamba,watts up,dandelion,sugarbomb

What's Inside?

The following is included in the Cheeky Sweet Spot set:
  • 5.0g/17oz of Benefits Hoola Bronzing Powder 
  • 4.0g/0.14oz of Benefits Dandelion Blusher
  • 5.0g/0.17oz of Benefits Bella Bamba Blusher
  • 6.0g/.021oz of Benefits Sugar Bomb Blusher
  • 5.0g/0.17oz of Benefits Coralista Blusher
  • 5.0g/0.17 of Benefits Rockateur Blusher
  • 1.5g/0.05oz of Benefits Watts Up! Highlighter
  • Benefit Cheek Brush
benefit,hoola,rockateur,coralista,bellabamba,watts up,dandelion,sugarbomb
benefit,hoola,rockateur,coralista,bellabamba,watts up,dandelion,sugarbomb

This set contains a total of 31.5 grams of product and retails for £29.50. You can't go wrong at this price considering the price of a single Box o' Powder containing upto 8g of product retails at £23.50 each. In fact the full size box of Rockateur Blusher is only 5 grams so you are actually getting the full amount included in this set!

The Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot can be purchased direct from Benefit or from Boots.

If you would like to see some true to colour swatches of everything contained in the Cheeky Sweet Spot I highly recommend you head over to Temptalia's review with swatches. Even if I read about a product on someone else's blog I always head over to Temptalia to see the product swatches as she just goes into so much detail and normally shows examples of the products in use too. 


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