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My Top 5 moments of 2018

Although 2018 wasn't a particularly enjoyable year for me there were some huge highlights that I never want to forget. Luckily I booked myself plenty of events to attend throughout the year very early on so I had a lot to look forward to which kept me going at times.

Ed Sheeran live

My highlight of 2018 has to be seeing Ed Sheeran Live for the first time. I've loved every album Ed  has brought out which is rare for me as I tend to only ever like the odd song from an artist and rarely find artists who's careers I can follow. My only regret is that I didn't book to see him sooner. He is a fantastic and extremely talented performer and really makes you feel completely comfortable and included in the concert. I've already booked to see him again in Leeds in 2019 so I can't wait!

Ed Sheeran, Newcastle, St James Park, Live, Concert
Ed Sheeran, Newcastle, St James Park, Live, Concert

Visiting Lindos in Rhodes

Lindos is located on the southern side of the greek island of Rhodes and is a popular destination for weddings. Surprise, we actually ended up travelling here to attend my Brothers wedding. This is not somewhere I would have chosen to book but I'm so glad we went as it was stunning. The town of Lindos is built on quite steeps hills so if you decide to visit just mind your step. Typically, the second someone said out loud, be careful you don't slip - guess who went straight on their arse?! Me! Seriously though, I couldn't recommend this place enough, which is why I'm going back again this year - woohoo!

Lindos, Rhodes, Greece, Aegean, Greek, IslandLindos, Rhodes, Greece, Aegean, Greek, Island, Wedding, Kalithea Springs
Lindos, Rhodes, Greece, Aegean, Greek, Island

The Nashville Farewell Tour

This is by far one of my favourite experiences EVER. I can't even explain how magical this was. When the artists were singing you could hear a pin drop in the arena, it was so different to any other concert I've been to. I've been obsessed with the TV programme, Nashville and it came to an end this year so what better way to celebrate than seeing the artists live in concert singing the songs from the show. I doubt they'll ever come back together to do another now that the shows ended but if they do I'll be there!

Nashville, Nashies, Farewell tour, concert, live
Nashville, Nashies, Farewell tour, concert, live

Clare Bowen live

Following on from the Nashville tour I found out that Clare Bowen who plays Scarlett in Nashville was touring for her debut album so having never heard her music I booked it confident that it would be great and Clare certainly didn't disappoint. Her album is amazing and Clare told a story before each song she performed explaining the meaning behind each song, most of which were based on Clare's life experiences so there were some very emotional moments. We also had the pleasure of hearing some music from Clare's husband (Brandon Robert Young) and brother (Timothy James Bowen) who are also ridiculously talented. On top of all that talent we also discovered Striking Matches who played a few songs before Clare came on stage, they're a duo from Nashville (the place, not the programme) and they're pretty amazing!!

Clare Bowen, Concert, Live

First ever concert (X-factor - Rak-su)

Yes, that's right, my first ever concert in my late 20's was the X factor live. My first concert was going to be Ed Sheeran but I then booked this as I wanted to see Rak-Su live in a smaller venue before they started playing huge arena's. It was well worth it just to see Rak-Su and be in such close quarters. We got plenty of photos and videos to remember it and they actually walked round our seating during a couple of the songs so we got some really good footage to look back on. No regrets!

Rak-su, X factor, Concert, Live

What were your favourite moments of 2018 and what are you looking forward to in 2019? Let me now in the comments!


2019 New Years Resolutions

new years, Resolutions, 2019, wellness, goals

You could say that new years resolutions are a pointless trend that no one ever sticks to.

You could also say that its healthy to set yourself some goals and have a vision of what you want to achieve over the next 12 months.

Advice for making your new years resolutions

Your new years resolutions can be whatever you want them to be. I look at them as more of a what do I want to achieve this year? One 5th of my 5 year plan, a 10th of my 10 year plan. It's a good idea to write these down somewhere at the start of the year and reflect back on them at the end of the year so you can see where you excelled and where you can make improvements next year.

Here's a good tip for you:

Reflecting on New Years Resolutions over 2018

bridesmaid, weight loss, greece, rhodes, wedding My 2018 New Years Resolutions

At the start of the year I made some new years resolutions. Unlike every other year I felt motivated, I meant it. I wasn't just making resolutions for the sake of it, I was setting my goals for the year.

My resolutions for this year were set as follows:

Rosie for Autograph Makeup Review & Swatches

review, swatches, lipstick, makeup, blusher, highlighter, cream, eyeshadow

I picked up a few pieces from the Rosie for Autograph Makeup Collection which has been created by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and can be purchased from Marks and Spencer. If I'm completely honest the main thing that drew me to this collection was the rose gold packaging which I am obsessed with! It was also aimed at those that prefer a more natural makeup look as Rosie believes you should use makeup to highlight and accentuate the parts of your face that you like and not to cover up what you don't like. Anyway carry on reading to find out what I thought of each piece and see the swatches.

My First Lush Purchases & Experience

Lush, Experimenter, Comforter, Bubble Bar, Bath Bomb, Face Mask, Cupcake, Mask of Magnaminty, review

I made my first ever Lush purchase around November 2015 and below is what I decided to try out. A couple of the items I picked up such as the Cupcake and Mask of Magnaminty face masks were because I had read some reviews on blogs and really liked the sound of them. The Cupcake mask is now my all time favourite face mask from Lush. I have tried various masks and every time I keep coming back to the Cupcake mask, it's just SO GOOD! Here's a little more info about my purchases...

My Top 5 Overseas Brands

Beauty, makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick, brushes, MUG, colourpop, Zoeva, Bite, B&BW, bath, bodyworks, candles

Here is a run down of my top 5 overseas brands (some of which are not easily available in the UK). These are brands I either obsess over because I've had the pleasure of trying them before or just due to the absurd amount of amazing reviews, blogs and vlogs I have seen online. They've got me dreaming and drooling.